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Who we are

latte corpo anti-age
crema corpo







Grazie alla nostra passione abbiamo ideato i nostri prodotti con la migliore ricerca naturale e precisa sfruttando l'esperienza del nostro partner che  da 60 anni producono l'eccellenza della cosmetica biologica e naturale per la cura del corpo.

Paola M.

Our Story


For many years I have been helping people who were looking for inspiration, help or advice. At the end of this path, I decided to transform that predisposition into something more concrete. I started writing about my passions, my thoughts and my reflections on the world of beauty. I founded PILATES BEAUTY LAB with the intention of sharing this experience in this fantastic world.


From the passion for Pilates, a discipline that teaches the fundamental connection between  mente and the bodyPilates Beauty Labto complete our well-being through our skin by taking care with refined natural products with experience of more than 50 years of cosmetic research combined with an active lifestyle . 

Because of thisPilates Beauty Labproposes products  with natural ingredients to use after your pilates session or after your favorite sport activity, you will immediately feel enveloped by a feeling of well-being . 



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